Friday, January 12, 2007

Charlie Rangel wants to reinstate the draft...................GOOD!!!

Harlems own Charlie Rangel recently stated that he wants to reinstate a word ungodly to most young americans. It's called THE DRAFT.

His proposal has been met with SHOCK and disbelief by many who voted the democrats into office. What's funny is that this has been the position of "Mr. Inept" for the past four years.

**reasons I call him Mr. Inept**
The longtime 18 term representative for harlem had a chance to buy the then vacant and abondoned Brownstones for a $1 a piece back in the 70's and did nothing with it. Now others have come in in the name of gentrification and have taken refuge to these homes that longtime Harlem residents themselves can not afford, as they're outpriced from their own neighborhoods.

Anyway, I see many benefits out of reinstating the draft. For one, the make up of todays volunteer army now has more minorities and the poor who are in the armed forces because of the limited options affored to them. The reinstatement of the draft would blur the lines of class and race of those who make up the armed services sent off to fight for their country. This also would place the possibility of recruitment of some of these armchair war mongers in the draft.

Maybe with a draft, these armchair warmongers and elected official would be alot more hesitant and take a "hold on now!!! Wait a minute. Lets make sure we get all the facts!!!" approach before marching us off to war knowing that their own children and relatives may now be affected by their mandates.

Could you imagine Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity asked to be pulled away from their cushy chairs to go out and fight for their country? Maybe they wouldn't be as vehiment to push for war as much as they do from the safety of being behind the camera.

Another benefit that could result from the reinstatement of the draft is the awakening of young folks from there listlessness Washington politics. People tend to care when they know things may effect them "personally."

So march on Mr. Rangel. You'll only awaken a sleeping giant that hasn't risen since the 70's, the years you were inactive from duty!!!!