Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Kramer? Who's he?

For our collective attention to be paid to an irrelevant comedians rants is pretty much useless. We've bought into the sensationalism of the "N" word advertised and packaged as the end all of back in the day racism. Really, was it the use of the word itself that our parents fought against, or was it the systematic application of legalized racial bias tied into it?

The N word rings hollow to me. I'm not living in the 60's, I live in a time where its said behind cliched rhetoric to justify our mistreatment. Why the hell do heads wait for some talentless comic or some inbred hick to get ticked? Do we lack the intestinal fortitude or just too mentally lazy to delve into REAL issues regarding racism? As a matter of fact, this is perfect segue for me to introduce the things we AREN'T paying attention to.

After 13 years in a long heart filled struggle, the NYC public schools will FINALLY be allocated almost $2 billion in funding, $3 billion smaller than the original amount, they've been categorically denied by paid bigoted mercenaries of the Pataki administration.

Who are these paid mercenaries you ask? People like David Armor who received $250,000 in taxpayer funds for their services to defend the Pataki's administration from withholding school funds to the mostly black and Latino students that make up the majority of the children in the NYC public school system.

Are you curious as to what Mr. Armor said to justify it? Take a peek.

Jenkins v. Missouri, 1997. Question: "Do you agree with this statement?: African-American students, if given high standards, a challenging curriculum, accurate resources, and trained teachers, can achieve in school on a par with students of other races?"

Answer: "I disagree with that."

Riddick v. School Board of Norfolk, Virginia, 1984. Q: "So one cannot account for differences between blacks and whites solely by socioeconomic data? That's what you're saying?"

A: "Yes, there are whole attitudinal dimensions and other lifestyle differences that may also be part of the family differences between black and white." He specified that "practices like requiring homework" and other "rules of the home that either emphasize school work or not" had a racial component, with blacks and whites of the same socioeconomic status "differing."

Hmmm. What's more egregious? Kramer on stage with his tired rant, or the loquacious N-word free talk of Mr. Armor's?

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